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Nowadays, directories have become more than just a place to list links to your website. There was a time when local directories were just a place to leave links to your site. That’s no longer what actually makes up local directories these days. You are not leaving small, unnoticeable links on the big website page, but literally, an entire banner that will serve as your business ad. This gives a visual exposure to entice all your potential clients into checking what your unique business has to offer.

A local business directory defines as an online listing of businesses. It provides detailed information about specified businesses, such as name, address, associations, contact information, and the good services they offer. These unique businesses are mostly categorized by location, size, and activity. Your business must ensure that all your company information is correct and up-to-date on the directory listing. Failure to do so can create confusion for your potential customers, result in less trust and loss of sales.

Who Are We?

LinkBusiness.ie is a local free business directory in Ireland, offering businesses and customers a shared platform to add their business listings. Users can find the related business details simply by sorted categories, keywords, and location.  Every business directory contains a detailed index of companies listed alphabetically by Ireland industry.

We are dedicated to helping businesses gain exposure through advertising and marketing solutions. This is a premium free business directory to help small businesses to be more visible, successful on the internet. Our business directory in Dublin network is free to use for all. So it’s time to take advantage of all benefits that come with using our free business directory.

What Do We Do?

We offer businesses and customers a golden opportunity to use our easy-to-navigate and user-friendly platform to place their listings using features like pictures, job location, contact number, business details, and much more. This way, their potential customers can easily find them. The best thing about this platform is it is free to use.

Our platform takes all the burden off your shoulders and ensures the businesses and customers find an effective way to commute.

LinkBusiness.ie makes it super-easy to find the best businesses near you in Dublin and Ireland by using this platform. All you need is to register with us, fill the form, and get started. This platform is super-fast; let the users find your directory online and help them get connected with us.

Serving the businesses with a free business directory!

Mission Statement

LinkBusiness.ie aims to become the leading and the most interconnected Ireland business directory catering to the Ireland community, breaking new ground by offering free business leads and directory listings to professionals operating within Ireland.

Vision Statement          

To provide detailed information about Irish businesses in Ireland, foster a unique sense of community-mindedness amongst the entrepreneurs, and simply provide opportunities to build bridges and expand.

Our Values

  • ·         Build Relationships: Develop and foster stronger and long-term relationships with our valued clients and business partners.
  • ·         Leadership: Empower valued clients and small-scale business partners alike to experience growth and increased revenue. 
  • ·         Strive for Excellence: Highly committed to brilliant work quality, high-performance marketing strategies and business responsibility. 
  • ·         Team Cooperation: Work collaboratively to assess unique client needs and meet big business goals. 
  • ·         Earn Trust: We focus on Integrity, honesty and transparency in everything we do and say.
  • ·         Community Involvement: Learn from and give back to the community.

Why Choose Us?

·         Targeted Local Marketing:  

Its means reaching the right customers often— especially local-based customers. It helps reach customers that live or work in the environs.

·         Design Customized Listings:

 We help business in creating their listings by sharing useful tips to help get the best results. We offer an easy-to-use platform for experienced and unexperienced advertising businesses to build their listings.

·         Large Database:

Our sorted database features listings from Ireland. As a primary and professional local business directory website, we entertain thousands of visitors every month. So we promise you the best results.


Benefits of Using Online Free Business Listing Directories

People often hesitate between placing their business on directory platforms because of the half-truth that can lead to bad business. But one has tons of benefits if they did list themselves to such websites.

·         Website exposure:

By placing your business website in local business directories, like us, you’ll gain much exposure. Getting listed would strengthen your online presence and always put you ahead of the race.

·         Free advertising:

You can easily list your business free with us. So why go somewhere else?

·         Improved local visibility:

Free directory website can easily be filtered by location, keyword and distance; therefore, your viewers can see your business near their locality. With that, you can easily get connected to individuals near you and so their community, which ultimately boost your customer visits.

·         Boosts brand image:

By continually providing brilliant service to your valued customers, you’ll be compensated with positive reviews for your big efforts. When more users see those 5stars on your account, customers will definitely do more business with you.

·         Boosts SEO:

If a business provides valuable business information with the right keywords, Google can gain deep insight into your business site and help you rank better. Definitely,the online business listing can be a perfect way to support existing business information about your website, generating more traffic to it.

·         Improves trust and reliability:

A published business website in directory lists is the most trusted and helpful trust to potential customers because you allow your business to be searched on the website.

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So are you interested in business listings with us? Or are you finding it challenging to find the right business for your needs? Get in touch with us now, and let us make this whole process easy for you. We are 24/7 here to assist you with the best customer support to answer all your queries.


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